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Girls Going Places®

The Annual Girls Going Places® Entrepreneurship Conference will be at the James J. Hill Center in St. Paul, MN in November 2017 & April 2018.

The Girls Going Places® Program was created in 1999 to educate young women about the financial and entrepreneurial opportunities available to them. Girls Going Places® Entrepreneurship Conferences are designed to encourage financial literacy and educate teen girls about starting businesses; managing personal finances; and the advantages of business ownership, entrepreneurship and financial independence. Foster Klima presents the Girls Going Places® Entrepreneurship Conference in partnership with the James J. Hill Center in St. Paul, MN. The conference is part of Foster Klima’s mission to champion community initiatives and programs that promote the importance of planning to maximize wealth and reach financial aspirations. Foster Klima is proud to be a leader in a movement that supports and mentors tomorrow’s generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders, as well as educating today's youth about the advantages of business ownership and financial independence.

For more information about the Girls Going Places® program contact:

Jennie Gustafson, Event Coordinator

Nancy Schwartz, Committee Chair


Phone: 612-746-2200

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